Mr. Lightning visit!

One of the great benefits of being part of a gym (or any or organization) rich in history and culture is that you often get visits from some very awesome people. Lerdsila, or Mr. Lightning (appropriately named due to his incredible speed and difficulty to hit), stopped by the gym today for a short workout before one of his rare appearances in a US Muay Thai bout. While not very well known in the States, Lerdsila is extremely popular in Thailand and has beat the majority of the top Thai fighters in the last 10 years.

The name, Mr. Lightning, is nearly an understatement while trying to keep up with how fast he throws his combinations. Just watching him work with some of the most experienced guys at the gym was amazing and truly inspiring as the shorter ~140 pound Thai fighter was able to throw 180 pound guys around like delicate little stuffed animals. I really regret showing up a little late and missing the opportunity to be dumped onto the mat over and over by such a skillful tactician.

More videos to come and I love my camp, Sityodtong LA!


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