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March 8, 2010

The first ever Falken blimp.

Snapshot of the blimp that Falken Tire launched this weekend at Tierra Del Sol with intentions of outdoing the rival Goodyear blimp.

Just kidding, this blimp was only about 20 feet long took about 1.5 tanks of helium to inflate. Still pretty awesome to have a blimp in the middle of the desert so everyone within 3 miles knows your home base.

March 7, 2010

Warmth of the Morning Sun

It has been a while since I got up to see the sunrise rather than accidentally stay up and see the sun rise. This instance occurred at Ocotillo Wells, one of California’s premier high deserts, for a photoshoot of a Jeep that was recently built.

5am ride to the shoot location with the full moon providing a lot of light:

roughly 5:45 on location:





Subject of the shoot:

In retrospect, I should have taken a lot more photo’s and should start learning what all those numbers and letters mean on my s90.