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September 15, 2010

l’Autodrome, France

Wasn’t going to post this initially, but it is just soooooo dope!

Gymkhana THREE, Ultimate Playground

August 9, 2010

Gymkhana Grid

It is only appropriate for Ken Block (aka DC Shoes), who I’d judge to be the most influential figure on gymkhana in the US (and maybe even the world) through the use of his viral Gymkhana 1 and Gymkhana 2 videos, to launch an offical gymkhana event for motorsport enthusiasts to participate in. Gymkhana Grid occurred this past weekend at Hollywood Park and although it was by invitation only, I have high hopes that it will soon be open to the public.

A vast variety of cars were littered amongst the pits, including Ken Block’s For Fiesta and Mike Essa’s BMW that he uses in Formula Drift:

After realizing that there is a high possibility of these events popping up more often, I might need to go buy myself a new fun car!

For more coverage of the event, venture over to

February 13, 2010

Top of 6th in snow

with tree’s of death on both sides.

Ken Block has built such a strong brand, not only with DC Shoes and Monster Energy, but as a figure himself. Always pushing the limit from driving his past Subaru Rally car with pro’s snowboarding next him on DC’s Mountain Lab to his 2009 SEMA Subaru TRAX Sti. Very excited to see what antics Ken has up his sleeve for us this year!

STOLEN from: Monster World Rally Team