Race car fabrication

Stopped by SPD Metal Works to drop off some goodies for Dai Yoshihara’s 2010 Falken Tire/Discount Tire competition car for Formula D and finally got a chance to check out Scott’s new shop, which just happens to be right next to VF-Engineering. Can’t show the competition car just yet, but I will show you some other dope stuff laying around at the shop.

I was first greeted by Scott’s personal caged-up-long-travel Rhino.

Many cannot fathom spending ~$15k for a brand new all stock Rhino, but these things are relatively low maintenance, a ton of fun, and can take a thrashing like a champ. I still can’t justify spending that kind of cash for just a Rhino either.

You are then overwhelmed with the giant drag radials on this tubbed 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS (I think).

And right under it, the skeleton of a s15 soon-to-be race car.

You’ll also find cool stuff like an Accusump as well as multiple ultra beefy quick change rear ends.

Love race car shops.


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