“i just drove the new 2011 Mustang GT and my car SUUCKSSS!!” -Jbrad

The above exclamation happened right after he rushed in from parking the new 2011 Mustang at work. Why does his car suck? Well, Jbrad actually has a 2009 Mustang GT, which is trumped by 2011’s .6 liters of additional engine displacement, equating to roughly 97 horsepower for a grand total of 412 prancing horsies. Ok, well maybe not prancing, but they’re definitely doing something rambunctious.

Refinements uncharacteristic of an American car company, such as Ford, can be found throughout the car upon further inspection; high-end appearing multi-colored seat stitching, projector headlights, and a headliner that doesn’t feel like utter crap, just to name a few. Even more importantly 412 means that it is rated for more horsepower than the supercharged Mustang Cobra from 2003. And this is just a GT. Maybe it’s time to buy some Ford stock.

The automotive enthusiast community (minus Camaro owners) welcomes the mighty 5 liter (although completely different in design from the og “5.0’s”) back since it mysteriously went missing between Mustang GT fenderwells since ’96. For the tech savvy who are more accustomed to domestic v8’s, you may have noticed the extra large looking heads on this small block. The reason for this is because this is a dohc (dual over head cam) v8, so each head houses a pair of camshafts, making it a grand total of 4 camshafts in this motor.

Sweet details! Snowflake symbol on the airbox to put extra emphasis on the cold air induction.

Brembo’s from the factory on a GT?! What the…!?

More info here.


One Comment to ““i just drove the new 2011 Mustang GT and my car SUUCKSSS!!” -Jbrad”

  1. jbrad’s car always sucked ass

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