The masses can all claim to have ground breaking ideas and theories that would provide for an exceptional product, but who has the capabilities or even the cajones to fabricate their mere day dreams into something entirely tangible?

Insert here: Local Motors, a small auto manufacturing company out of Massachusetts, actually takes your idea, mixes it with their ominous magical powers, and transforms your original dream into a fully functional piece of reality that more-than gets you from point A to B.

Anyone can submit their design via the Local Motors website. Once a select design has gained enough of a following, the concept moves from the design stage to the developmental stage, where LM will actually request the designer’s assistance throughout the entire developmental and engineering process! On top of that, buyers of vehicles are treated to a very special privilege, as they are invited out to LM’s shop to get some hands on experience of building their own ride!

This “mom and pop” type of company not only fulfills the dreams of many who otherwise would be unable to, but also rejuvenates a lot of the joy and pride that was once more heavily associated in the automotive industry. I’m just hoping that a company like this is able to remain sustainable and profitable since their target price point for all vehicles built is a mere $50,000.

pictured with its design inspiration:

_3 liter 6 cylinder diesel with dual turbo chargers
_265 horse, 425 lb/ft of torque AND 36mpg highway
_6 speed automatic, rear wheel drive, Desert racing style
_53/47 front to rear weight distribution
_20″ of rear suspension travel, with suspension developed in conjunction with renown suspension manufacturer, Fox Racing Shox
_seating for 4 adults
_~$50k pricetag
_50 State highway legal

The Rally Fighter certainly doesn’t have enough lighting for any night runs in the desert, but that’s relatively easily fixed. The only other things I’d really want out of this ride is to have a 6×139.7 bolt pattern in order to fit Volk TE37X’s and for it to have a more modern battle hardened shape like Batman’s Tumbler:

Oh well, here’s a video of the Rally Fighter undergoing some testing in the desert:

Jump in line to scoop one up now, as their are already 70 something people ahead of you who have committed to purchasing their own Rally Fighter.


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